Heritage Park at Lacamas Lake

Be aware that parking at Heritage Park can be extremely limited, especially on hot days.  Plan to arrive early to get parked in time for your booking.  Consider carpooling, being dropped off, biking, or even using Uber or Lyft.  City of Camas will ticket any illegally parked cars.

Lacamas Lake offers incredible scenic beauty and an interesting and varied shoreline to explore.  From end to end you will travel 2.4 miles and catch sight of many birds and wildlife along the way.  The lake is stocked with a mixture of bass, bluegill and perch.  Paddle up to get an amazing view of the historic Pittock/Leadbetter house and even take a side trip up the mouth of Lacamas Creek.  The adjacent Round Lake offers some variety and no motorized water craft. It’s all yours.

341 NW Lake Rd, Camas, WA 98607

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