About us

Sweetwater SUP Rentals is the premier, full-service standup paddleboard (SUP) and kayak rental operator on Lacamas Lake in Camas, WA. Owner Christine Wright purchased the business in 2023 from founders Rene’ and Lydia Carroll.  Heritage Park became Sweetwater’s primary launch site in 2015 through a contractual relationship with City of Camas.

Each year nearly a dozen area youth are hired to provide the excellent customer service that Sweetwater is renown for.  We hope you will come paddle with us!

Our Sweetwater Fleet

Enjoy the stability and comfort of Glide SUP, the most popular rental board on the market.  Our kayaks are high quality Pelican brand, one of the leading brands of recreational kayaks, and include single and tandem (two-person) sit-in styles. Got a little one who wants to try it on their own? Ask for our Mini Kayaks for paddlers less than 110 pounds.

Group rentals are available.  Call for pricing.

See what all the stoke is about with the fastest growing water sport in the world. SUPs are fun, easy to learn and provide the best view of lake scenery and area wildlife, both above and beneath the water’s surface.

No carrying crafts, no hassle, all fun!

We bring your craft right to the boat dock at Heritage Park. And we pick it up when you are finished!

New to the sport? No worries! Our helpful and knowledgeable staff are there to provide additional instruction to increase your comfort, confidence and fun!

We Take Paddle Safety Seriously!

From proper fit of your life jacket with emergency whistle to paddling tips at the dock, your safety is important to us. Learn more about paddle and water safety at this Washington State Parks link.

Here are some Lacamas Lake specific tips:
• On your knees – When getting on and off a paddleboard at the dock, follow Sweetwater employee direction and ALWAYS be on your hands and knees. A fall there could result in injury.
• Give boaters the right-of-way – Lacamas Lake plays host to many motorized boats. Avoid crossing in front of boats at the launch area and paddle near shore so they may use the deep center of the lake to navigate safely. If a boat gives off a wake, approach it at a slight angle to help to avoid capsizing.
• Paddle together – Stay close enough for visual or verbal contact with your group. Bring a phone in a Sweetwater supplied dry bag to make a call if you need help.
• Expect the unexpected – It is rare, but if you capsize or fall out of a kayak, don’t try to get back inside as it may sink. Take hold and swim with it to the shore or dock for help.

What To Bring For Your SUP Experience


• Valid driver’s license if filling out paperwork at the lake for same day rentals.
• Weather appropriate clothing, towel
• Sunscreen
• Phone or watch to manage your time (We offer complimentary use of a dry bag for your cell phone, one per group, supply is limited. Use at your own risk.)
• Leave valuables or things you want to stay dry in the car.
• We can hang on to car keys if you do not want risk taking them on the water.    We also have an unsecured area for bags and shoes storage.
• We have plenty of life vests, but feel free to bring your own.

Customers under 18 must have a signed waiver from a parent or adult guardian.

Reserve Now!

For a reservation days in advance (within 24 hours) use our convenient online booking!

Call us for same day reservations at 360-609-1212